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8 sierpnia 2018
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is there such a thing angling? Going to work on different things, things that you maybe shouldn’t work on. Tom Do you feel any extra cheap jerseys motivation trying to become the first driver to win a Truck, NW, and Cup title? Piccarreto Do you feel confident about making the this year? Do you ahve advantage, because you’re less removed from your dirt days? That makes everything different. I wrote a paper when I was 12 saying I wanted to win the Cup. Was there any shot of them being a 1 or 2? When I’m at the event, I feel like I’m physically and mentally ready. What are the biggest differences between your new car vs your old car? I loved wearing a gold around neck and listening to the national anthem.

I turn off the social media. When people aren’t making the right calls, you better put a better gameplan together. We know we’re not going to lead the points the entire way, but to be the top 10 or top 5 points gives the team a lot of confidence. We’ll have to how our bodies react. You mentally improve. Earnhardt Jr.

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